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A Small Price for Happy Endings | Sayid and Shannon


She missed spending time with Sayid. He was so busy at the office and she herself had the twins to look after that spending more than five minutes together was a miracle in and of itself. Sighing softly, she closed her eyes when she felt his lips against her neck, enjoying the anticipation of what was to come and the warmth that exuded from Sayid’s presence near her. Her eyes flew open when she felt him lift her up and she smiled at him. There was the slight difference in height between them, but it didn’t bother Sayid that much so it didn’t bother her. It became more noticeable when she wore heels which was now rarely ever since she had had the kids, but she never said no to wearing heels on a day off here and there. She just couldn’t say no to feeling like she could kick ass in a pair of heels.

Her head being placed on a pillow brought her out of her thoughts of shoes and ability to kick ass. She did have half the mind to just sleep, the comfort and fluffiness of the pillows around her threatening to pull her back into the dreamland that now seemed a lifetime rather than twenty minutes or so ago. The sight of Sayid taking his shirt off stopped all plans of falling back to sleep. He was well-built, muscular, gorgeous obviously (she would never deny that), and the thought of having actual skin-on-skin contact rather than the occasional kiss had her lifting up to kiss him.

She loved him, inside and out, past deeds and all. The connection that they had built both in their past lives and in their second chance was rare, that she knew, but to her it had been dwindling. Not by personal choice, she figured, but the rush and go of their lives lately had left them little time to themselves. Though she knew that the words had been spoken in jest, she was eager to put them at ease. She pulled away enough to say, “Even if it wasn’t, it’s on my mind now,” against his lips before kissing him once more.

The culture in which he was raised had always taught men to be chivalrous, powerful and even at times domineering in relationships with women. With his father as his only example of manhood, Sayid had grown up confused and misunderstanding when it came to romance. His father had never shown affection or gentle kindness to his mother, at least not in front of their sons. So when Sayid became a man, he discovered a sensitivity and vulnerable constituent within him that was almost foreign compared to the expectations of those in his traditional, conservative homeland. Even now, it was important that he had not turned out like his father, if not for his own good, but for Shannon’s as well. All Sayid ever wanted for his wife was happiness, ease and support, things he never would have been able to give her if he had remained loyal to his father’s wishes.

Wiping away all thoughts unrelated to this tangible moment, Sayid relaxed himself against Shannon. His lips parted over hers when she kissed him, his hands slipping beneath the fabric of her clothes to trace up the sides of her abdomen. There was a certain sweetness to this part of being married, a comfort that they were safe in each others arms and free to be exactly themselves without judgment. Sayid had been told countless times by other married men that intimacy was lost after marriage, but he had never agreed with that notion. Of course he and Shannon were incredibly preoccupied most days, even on weekends when they spent every waking moment with their children, but in some ways he felt as though their passion grew stronger year after year.

All Sayid ever wanted in his life was to be a good man. The struggle to find that goodness, the constant mistakes and the heartache which led up to this point were unimportant when he was with Shannon. She knew how much he tried to be good and that was all that mattered. Her touch, the feel of her breath against his skin, the love she gave him erased any and all troubles from his conscience. Right here and right now, she was his focus. As he kissed her deeply, moved his hands to caress the contours of her body, Sayid would not have had it any other way.

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2/? Random Season 6 LOST caps


2/? Random Season 6 LOST caps

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17-18/100 pics | lost castnaveen andrews

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d’aww, i get you. i’m sorta there myself. keep strong, sistah

thanks, hon. i hope things get better for you too <3

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Sorry I’m so slow right now, guys. I’m in the process of moving yet again to another apartment, but once I’m there things should improve a bit more. I realize I haven’t done replies in over 10 days, but every time I come online I’m not not in the proper mindset to write well. Thank you for your patience.


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It’s too much…                     It won’t be too much if I carry it for you…


It’s too much…

                     It won’t be too much if I carry it for you…

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1x07 "Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening."
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i’ v e   g o t   a   p l a n e   t o   c a t c h 


i’ v e   g o t   a   p l a n e   t o   c a t c h 

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